New project "VeloBikes"

We are glad to present to all lovers of cycling and exciting travel a new joint project of Alivaria and Minsk Cycling Club – "VeloBikes" – a travel show about traveling around the native country with a backpack. The show is released weekly on the official YouTube channel of Minsk Cycling Club, and soon it is planned to create a special channel "VeloBikes".

The festival offers an entertainment program of 43 sports quests: from football and basketball to parkour and skateboarding, as well as an evening concert and fireworks.

Together with Vitaly Karpanov we will reach the remote places where no Belarusian has gone before.

Two issues are already available for viewing. In the first episodes, exciting and funny adventures await you: we will go to Vitebsk region, Glubokoe city, find the Belarusian "silverberry", walk around the cherry capital and visit the hunter's house. Watch on Minsk Cycling Club YouTube channel, like and comment.

Happy viewing!